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We are an educational urban farm project to train and empower new Americans and other alternative workers to learn and earn by participating in the local food movement.

We partner with the Akron public schools to provide outdoor work projects, farmers market and academic tutoring for youth.

We strive to ensure that the Old World agricultural heritage ingrained in many of our members is preserved, cultivated and passed along to the next generations.

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Introducing Yard Corps (began summer 2019) –our new outdoor work crew division with trained youth participating in growing food in the new high tunnel and community garden; mowing and weeding; vacant lot clean-up; and building bamboo of fences and other outdoor structures.



Join Yard Corps as a:  Student Team Member, Elder Team Coach or Volunteer!  We look forward to reviewing your application!







About your donation:

We have been so fortunate to have received three grants with more pending in 2020:  Thanks to Akron Community Foundation (ACF) Education Grant, GAR Foundation (in partnership with APS North High School), Beyond The Table (City of Akron, ACF) and Neighborhood Partnership Program (City of Akron).  Yet, with the expansion of our programs listed above, we still have the following needs….and we are just $350 away from our goal for a matching grant partner (who want to remain anonymous).

List of needs, includes:

  • Passenger Van to transport work crews for Yard Corps

  • Additional Rider Mower

  • Youth Farmers Market Stand

  • Cargo Bike

  • Additional Large Equipment Trailer


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