Keeping that Rich Agricultural Heritage Growing in the Youngest Generation of American Refugees

North Hill families celebrated the last seed planted and last fencepost pounded with a Friday night celebration!

One of Shanti’s key programs is to reach out to the youngest generation of refugees to ensure they never lose their rich agricultural heritage.

Friday night’s farm-to-school class proved Ag Heritage for Refugee Youth is alive and well. Shanti Farms will continue to cultivate it with a kids Farm-to-School summer camp program.

Catch all the action here……with our 12 budding farmers including Reedhom. Arman, Sasan and Angkith with Camp Counselors Bhakta Rizal and Tom Crain and Guest Counselor Liam Murray.

To see the video of the first night if Summer Camp for Junior Farmers, go to  FACEBOOK SHANTI FARMS

garden gatewayFri July 14 under the tentFri July 14 boys2Fri July 14 boys1


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