United North Hill Soccer Association reaching out for local biz support!

Shanti recognizes the need for preventative measures as a safeguard ensuring( the immigrant youth issues in other states (see what Minnesota is dealing with right now) does not gain a toehold. PIONEER PRESS ARTICLE ON SOMALI YOUTH GANGS

soccer kids netImmigrant youth face extraordinary additional challenges that most other youth groups don’t, including differences in language skills between generations, cultural norms, peer influences from outside the culture. And consequences for bad behavior? Well, how about the added fear of deportation–real or not?

Recognizing these extraoridnary challenges, Shanti is working with SAMAL Foundation and several other organizations to form youth clubs with a potent mix of sports & recreation, mentoring, tutoring and of course…urban agriculture.

Already Shanti has identified more than 50 area youth interested in joining this club. Making its debut:

UNITED NORTH HILL SOCCER ASSOCIATION (UNHSA), a youth soccer club in North Hill combining the great sport of soccer with mentoring and tutoring opportunities for youth 5th-12th grades.

UNHSA accepts players of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Our youth soccer program is starting its first season of play in Spring of 2018!

We need your financial support this playing season to obtain soccer balls, goals, shoes, uniforms, transportation and rental space for our programs.



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