Chick Shtik Pilot Program at North High Flying High!

mom and chicksShanti kicks off its Egg-citing Chick Shtik at North High’s ELP classroom thanks to a generous grant from Akron Community Foundation!

We are raising 8 baby chicks with the assistance of Kate Baker’s Early Learning Program classroom at North High. Our chicks are from the families of: Astrolorps, Brahmas, ISA Browns and Orpingtons

Thanks to North High student teachers including leaders–Danielle Dean and .Juliana Yafanaro–the chicks will be well cared for and the ELP kids will have a chance to hold and weigh and play (carefully) with the chicks.

At 3 weeks they are already growing by leaps and bounds. They are flying out of the observation box, perching on high branches, growing adult feathers and eating three bowls of chick starter growth feed a day!

Shanti’s goal: Get a chicken coop at every Akron school with chicks incubated and raised in the classroom! Egg sales at the Farmers Markets.

APS Third graders are currently benefitting from a chick incubation program that lasts a couple weeks. We want to add tailfeathers to this great program!  isa brown chicks


SEE OUR Chick Shtik Flyer

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